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Boat Crew Contract - Previous Members

By signing this document, and after authorization by designated Old 18 staff, the signer will become a member of:

Old 18 Boat Crew


Welcome to the team!  We are excited to have you join the Old 18 family.

As a member of the Old 18 Boat Crew, you will be required to adhere to the following Old 18 core principles and expectations:

  • Everyone that represents Old 18 will have a positive attitude towards the fishing industry.
  • No member that represents Old 18 will engage in, participate in, or instigate negative commentary towards other brands within the fishing industry.
  • Everyone that represents Old 18 will promote the Old 18 brand through an emphasis on quality and customer service. 

The person who signs this contract is referred to as ‘signer‘. This is a one year contract that will start on the signature date of the signer.  Old 18 Outfitters, LLC (referred in this contract as ‘Old 18‘) retains the right to terminate this contract if the signer does not adhere to the aforementioned principles, as well as the following guidelines:  

  • The signer agrees to only represent Old 18 and will not promote other fishing rod companies.
  • The signer agrees to post a minimum of four pictures per month, for the duration of the contract, via social media with Old 18 fishing rods or logo visible.
  • The signer agrees to post a minimum of one video per year about our product.
  • The signer agrees to place an approved Old 18 logo on their tournament jersey in a clearly visible location.
  • The signer agrees to “like” and “share” all Old 18 social media posts on all social media platforms in which the signer maintains an account.
  • The signer agrees to always use “#old18” on all posts referring to the Old 18 brand.
  • The signer agrees to purchase three fishing rods within the first month of signing this contract and is required to purchase three fishing rods in every calendar year for which they are a member of the Old 18 Boat Crew.

The signer can request the voiding of this contract, only by written request submitted to:

Old 18 Outfitters, LLC

331 Corporate Woods Dr, Ste B3

Magnolia, TX 77354

Old 18 Boat Crew members will receive:

  • 40% off of fishing rods and reels (the reels will be available at a later date)
  • 15% off apparel
  • A personalized coupon code to give out to your friends, family, and potential customers. The code will give the user 10% off of fishing rods and reels.
  • A free shirt, hat, and decal once your order your first 3 rods is complete.
  • Access to the Old 18 branding guide and logo downloads

After your application is approved, you will receive a member login for the website.  Whenever logged in to the website, your discounted pricing will be automatically applied. 

There is room for growth within the company for the Boat Crew members who help build the brand and those who make sales will be rewarded.

May 27, 2020

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