Cat Shot - 7'6" Heavy Casting

If you plan on “dogfighting” with a catfish then you are going to need the right equipment to bang with the beasts. The Old 18 Cat Shot series combines feather-touch sensitivity with monster-yanking strength. Doesn’t matter if you’re pulling flatheads in the river beds, battling blues off of the floor, or coersing channel cats – the Cat Shot rod will give you the advantage.

“Cat Shot” is a term used by naval aviators to describe the exhausting force of launching from a catapult on an aircraft carrier. Nothing could be more appropriate to describe the war with an angry cat that wants to wear you out. The Old 18 Cat Shot is ready for the fight by giving you our custom designed fore-grip, durable guides, and backbone for days. Prepare for the war by arming yourself with the best.


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