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Old 18 Outfitters is a Veteran-owned company and we are honor-bound to make things right.
If you purchased a product from Old 18 Outfitters or received one of our products as a gift
…Thank You! We appreciate your business. 

Old 18 offers two warranty options for each rod series: Manufacturer’s Defect warranty and a Non-fishing Accident Replacement warranty. The length of each warranty is as follows: 

Rod SeriesManufacturer’s DefectNon-fishing Accident Replacement
Active1 YR2 YR
Inactive1 YR1 YR
ClearanceN/A (As Is)1 YR (Possible Credit, Situation Dependant)

Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty
We cover damage that occurs during normal fishing activities, or conditions, for craftsmanship or material defects. However, we will only warranty a purchase one time; Multiple attempts to claim from a single purchase will be denied. Rods that qualify under this warranty will be replaced free of charge. NOTE: We warranty the product, not the shipping.

Non-fishing Accident Replacement Warranty
Accidents happen, and we do not like our customers to be disappointed. We realize that not everyone is ready to invest in another full-price rod, so Old 18 offers a replacement program. This warranty is for rod damages not covered under the manufacturer’s defect warranty due to non-fishing activities or rods evaluated as special circumstances. We will offer a discounted price and only require a one-time payment for a replacement (plus return shipping costs). The discount offered will be  unique based on each situation.

Rod SeriesOne-Time CostReturn Shipping
  • If we no longer sell the model you are replacing, we will offer you the most comparable current model.
  • For those who make an Accident Replacement claim on any older series rod, Old 18 will give you a credit to be used towards any rod purchased at retail price. The credit cannot be combined with any sales or coupons. The credit offered will be unique based on each situation.
Your Purchase PriceYour Credit
Less than $60Your Original Purchase Price
More than $100$140

All warranty claims must meet the following requirements: ​ 

  • The claimant must be the original owner.
  • Proof of purchase is required.
  • The original purchase has not already had a warranty claim.

Other Notes: 

  • The customer is required to pay for shipping costs.
  • We do not cover broken rod guides when shipping is involved. A local shop can repair guides for less than the cost of return shipping.
  • Upon receiving the rod, we will perform an internal inspection to verify the claim.

We strive to contact the claimant within ten business days after receipt of your rod.

To initiate the claim, please complete the form below.

Please ship the damaged rod to the following address:

Old 18 Outfitters
Attn: Rod Warranty Dept
1300 S Frazier St, Ste 324
Conroe, TX 77301